Responses To Jesus’ Authority

The last installment of our series “A Journey Through John’s Gospel” as been posted on Anchor. you can listen to our podcast here, or on your mobile devices where ever you listen to your podcast. Make sure you favorite or subscribe to our Podcast so that you will be notified when the new sermons are live!  

Big News!

We have a Podcast! You can now listen to the sermons from Sunday morning (almost) anywhere that you listen to podcasts! You can listen right off of your phone through the following apps: Anchor, Breaker, PocketCasts, RadioPublic hopefully soon we will be up on Apple podcasts and Google Play. we will also post the links to the podcast in our […]

A Journey Through John’s Gospel

Our New Series: A Journey Through John’s Gospel. Has been posted! Join us as we take this journey through this different view of Jesus’ life and ministry. God in Human Flesh¬† Beholding the Lamb What do You Want¬† The First Sign: Transformation

Ladies Day

Here is the Message that Mrs. Jo Ann Pope and JoAnna Arnold spoke on Feb 25th 2018 Speaking first is Jo Ann Pope talking about the importance of the little things Speaking second is JoAnna Arnold sharing her story and the importance of giving everything over to God’s plan and being fearless in obedience Psalm 34:11-22